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One day trips

Duration of one day trips is from one hour to whole day. It depends on you, which tour do you prefer and how much time do you want to spend on river.

One day trips prices per person
TrasaKmHourCanoeRaft max 6 peopleRaft max 8 people
T1 - Český Krumlov - okruh městem41-2430,-380,-380,-
T2 - Český Krumlov - Zlatá Koruna164-6630,-480,-480,-
T3 - Český Krumlov - Boršov358-101100,-700,-700,-
T4 - Vyšší Brod - Český Krumlov358-101100,-700,-700,-
T5 - Rožmberk - Český Krumlov287-9950,-590,-590,-
T6 - Zátoň - Český Krumlov164-6630,-480,-480,-
T7 - Větřní - Český Krumlov82-3530,-430,-430,-
T8 - Větřní - Zlatá Koruna246-81100,-700,-700,-
T9 - Český Krumlov - kemp U Kelta266-81100,-700,-700,-

Price is calculated per person.

Send us your request (non-binding order) and we will send you the exact calculation as soon as possible.

The minimum charged number of people for day trips is:

  4 people on a raft for up to 6 people

  5 people on a raft for up to 8 people

Price include:

  • raft or canoe rent with all necessary equipment (paddles,life jackets and bags)
  • people transportation to the starting point or from the finish point
  • free parking on our rafting base
  • (the use of only certain services does not affect the price)



Mondays - Thursdays: When you book tour T1 we will lend you miniraft (water tube) for free.

Guide on river:

500 CZK for First hour, next hours are for 300 CZK/Hour

2.000 CZK / 1 day