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Vltava river

  • Starting point Rafting Krumlov in the parking lot under the church.
    318.7 říční kilometr
  • Rafting camp in Vyssi Brod is just below the dam. Part of the camp is 8 bungalows for 4 people, hostel with 15 rooms with a ...
    318.4 říční kilometr
  • One of the weirs original wooden structure. Possible to slide partially closed pass - about 50 cm jump. Possible to stop above the ...
    317.9 říční kilometr
  • Small refreshment stands on the left side of the river about 200m above the weir Herbertov.
    313.1 říční kilometr
  • Possible pass by wooden slider on right side. Under the weir is already ruined slalom, today it left only a few rapids. Attention ...
    312.8 říční kilometr
  • Very attractive boating camp - natural character. Fast food. Drinking water, toilets, refreshments, commons volleyball, balls and ...
    312.6 říční kilometr
  • Starting point of Rafting Krumlov company.
    308.7 říční kilometr
  • Nice refreshment at the beginning of Rožmberk nad Vltavou, where you will eat well and drink well.
    308.5 říční kilometr
  • Renovated weir, go down the weir on the right side.
    308.3 říční kilometr
  • Restaurant, group meals, accommodation.
    308.2 říční kilometr
  • Hostel and campsite for families with children. It is necessary to observe the quiet.
    308 říční kilometr
  • Huge campsite in Rožmberk nad Vltavou called U Nojdy. Nice nature and good service.
    306.7 říční kilometr
  • We have high quality camp located in southern Bohemia on the Vltava River, half cruises between Vyssi Brod and Cesky Krumlov. The ...
    298 říční kilometr
  • Viking camp with excellent old czech cuisine. Cabins, camping in tents, lots of space and beautiful nature.
    292.6 říční kilometr
  • Modern campsites and caravan sites are located in the beautiful foothills of Sumava next to Vltava river. It is especially for ...
    292.5 říční kilometr
  • Weir is reacheable on the right side at narrow (but sufficient for the raft) weir. That is not possible to reach it on the left ...
    288.1 říční kilometr
  • Easy to go down the weir on the right side in short part - in white water. Above the weir you can stop on the right side and have ...
    286.3 říční kilometr
  • Traditional camp in Cesky Krumlov, which we can highly recommend.
    285 říční kilometr
  • Wooden weir under the bridge. Wooden slide is prepared for beginners. Don´t worry and go down the weir.
    284.6 říční kilometr
  • Our starting point to every rafting trip from Cesky Krumlov down the stream. If you have any question, just call us or come to ...
    284.2 říční kilometr
  • Go down the weir on the left side. Be careful, there is a big wave under the weir. If you are not sure, you can carry the boat on ...
    284 říční kilometr
  • Very easy and comfortable weir. Go down left side. Never try right side!!!
    282.9 říční kilometr
  • New and easy going weir on the left side. If you are not sure, you can carry the boat on the left side, too. You are exactly under ...
    282.4 říční kilometr
  • Today is under the water. In laste decade there were a weir. Last part you can see is a stone wall in the middle of the river. It ...
    281.4 říční kilometr
  • Family camping place at the outskirt of Cesky Krumlov offers a peaceful base for canoeists and families. The possibility of ...
    280.6 říční kilometr
  • Small family campsite and refreshment in the forests beyond Český Krumlov. Ideal stop for a good steak, homemade sausage and a ...
    278.9 říční kilometr
  • Our final stop in Zlatá Koruna. Weir is reacheable on the right side. There is low water level in weir, so you have to paddle in ...
    268.5 říční kilometr
  • Nice camp site in Zlatá Koruna. Near monastery. Popular place.
    268 říční kilometr
  • Nice camp site in Zlatá Koruna. Near monastery. Popular place.
    268 říční kilometr
  • Family and especially quiet camp between the Zlata Koruna and Divci Kamen. Beautiful place!
    261 říční kilometr
  • Today is destroyed. Refreshment on left side of river.
    251 říční kilometr
  • In there days it is quite danger to go down the weir. The best is to carry boat on the left side of river.
    250.1 říční kilometr
  • Our final stop station. That is not possible to continue on the river!
    249.6 říční kilometr
  • Very old and destroyed weir.
    245.7 říční kilometr
  • Old and destroyed weir.
    243.9 říční kilometr